Hygienic Belts and Components

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    Hygienic Belts and Components

    Hygienic belting and components are the critical foundation to food safety risk management during the production process. Since we invented the first modular plastic conveyor belt, we have continued to lead the evolution of food product conveyance.
  • Today Intralox offers hygienic modular plastic belt design that offers maximum durability and sanitation features, and ThermoDrive® belting solutions which combine our patented tensionless belt system with the hygienic benefits of homogeneous, solid thermoplastic structure.

    Our industry experts will help you choose the optimal conveying solutions for your application, resulting in:


    • Improved system performance and lifetime
    • Reduced maintenance
    • Elimination of tensioning and tracking 
    • Minimized downtime
    • Improved cleaning access and effectiveness


    Belting solutions for hygienic applications



    Belt Materials to ensure operational performance and food safety risk mitigation


    • Reliable standard materials (PP, PE, AC)
    • High-Impact 
    • Metal and X-ray detectable
    • Various colors to facilitate visual detection
    • Color contrasts for cleaning purposes


    Components developed to support sanitation efforts


    • Angled Sprockets®
    • Scrapers
    • Belt Lifters
    • Clean-In-Place spraybar systems


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