Turner Divider

  • ARB Turner Divider:

    Designed to handle the next generation of packages

    Intralox Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB) Turner Dividers  redefine efficiency and flexibility by fulfilling multiple needs with one machine.Capable of handling a massive variety of package sizes, this unique solution can turn and divide packages from multiple infeeds to multiple outfeeds at speeds of up to 400 packages per minute (ppm).

    Benefits of ARB Turner Dividers:

    • Turn, divide, bypass, and reject in one unit
    • Capable of receiving products from multiple infeed lanes and dividing them to multiple outfeed lanes
    • Can handle more than 50 SKUs (from 4 pack to 36 pack) with virtually no changeover time between SKUs
    • Reduces footprint up to 25% by combining functions in one machine

      Ideal solution for...

      • Multiple application demands
      • Handling of a variety of package sizes

      ARB technology available:

      ARB™ Turner Divider S7000
      ARB™ Turner Divider S7050

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