Automotive Manufacturing

  • Transforming the way the automotive industry moves

    Intralox works directly with major automotive manufacturers and OEMs around the world, developing powerful solutions to their most pressing conveyance challenges. With Intralox systems and patented technologies, we offer customized solutions that allow our customers to achieve their goals and reduce costs. Intralox’s quality innovations are proven to increase worker morale, allowing manufacturers to reach their peak productivity.

    Intralox’s customized service and guarantee packages, combined with comprehensive engineering support are some of the premium conveyance systems’ services we offer for the Automotive Industry.


    • Body Shop/Paint Shop – Intralox SkidVeyor™ Solutions
    • General Assembly – (Chassis, Seat/Interior/Trim and Door Assembly, Engine Line and Final Assembly) – Intralox PeopleVeyor™ Solutions
    • Final Assembly and Inspection – (Final Assembly, Fluid Fill, Final Inspection and Warm Up Conveyor, Water Test, Quality/Audit and Ship Line) – Intralox VehicleVeyor™ Solutions
    • Tire and Wheel Assembly
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