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  • Our Customers Speak: Intralox Case Studies

    Meaningful results are crucial. That’s why we measure and document the effects of our conveyance solutions at our customers’ facilities. We do this to ensure that our technology delivers the results we promise, and that our solutions both directly and indirectly improve our customers’ bottom lines.

    Select an Intralox case study according to your specific industry or product interest. 

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    Advanced Handling Systems, Inc.    Intralox's ARB Merge eliminates poly-bag jams for a large retail distribution center.

    Automotive Manufacturer    Low Profile PeopleVeyor Solution Leaves Workers 100% Satisfied

    Baucells    Thorough sanitation achieved with Intralox SeamFree™ belts.

    Beretta    Intralox Spiral Optimization solves debris and maintenance problems for Salumificio Fratelli Beretta.

    Bonduelle Europe Long Life    ThermoDrive® Technology Eliminates Ongoing Operational Issues for Bonduelle

    Brødrene Dahl    Intralox DARB™ Sorter Handles Varied Products for Brødrene Dahl

    Buronga Hill Winery    Intralox Belting Crushes the Competition for Buronga Hill Winery

    Cabomar Congelados S.A.    Intralox’s ThermoDrive belting reduces cleaning time by 30% on Cabomar squid line.

    Candia    Candia enhances its butter sorting line with ARB technology.

    Canélia    ARB Switch Enables Canélia to Launch New Pallet Format

    Cémoi    Intralox Delivers an Easy-to-clean Turnkey Solution For Cémoi

    Cengage and Hy-Tek Material Handling, Inc.    OMNI-DIRECTIONAL Sorter Delivers Many Happy Returns

    Coca-Cola Solar • Upton    Working closely with Coca-Cola Solar and Upton, Intralox delivers an automated line into a tight existing floor plan in record time.

    Deco Industrie    Deco Industrie Improves Cleanability, Reduces Downtime with ThermoDrive Technology

    Galliance    Intralox's ergonomic tray-handling solution, the AIM Sorter™ Series 800, simplifies cleaning and maintenance for Galliance.

    Gedik Piliç    Passing the Test: Chicken Plant Converts 70+ Conveyors to ThermoDrive Belting

    General Motors    General Motors Doubles Weight Capacity with Intralox Solution

    Gerber Poultry    A solution built using Intralox's AIM Multilane Sorter reduces a poultry customer's annual labor costs by $280,000.

    Global Tire Manufacturer    DARB Technology Saves $63,000 Annually for Tire Manufacturer

    Gourmand    Intralox’s DirectDrive installation on Gourmand’s freezer line has proven successful with Gourmand reporting no product loss and no intermediate cleanings scheduled.

    Grupo Petrópolis    Intralox ARB™ Switch S7000 Provides Reliability and Saves Total Cost of Ownership by 99%

    Helados Alacant    Helados Alacant Increases Productivity and Ice Cream Freezing Performance with The DirectDrive System

    Helmers Maschinenbau    Intralox ARB Technology Enables Meat Processor to Save Millions

    Invata Intralogistics    ARB Solution Delivers "Worry-free" Polybag and Small Box Handling

    Iwate Nokyo    Iwate Nokyo Chicken Foods builds safe, hygienic, processing lines with ThermoDrive belting.

    Keskinoğlu    Intralox Reduces Maintenance, Improves Sanitation for Keskinoğlu

    Lopez Foods    Intralox Drive Unit Eliminates Downtime and Expenses on Sausage Line

    Madrange    An integrated solution featuring an AIM Switch and ZERO TANGENT belting helps optimize the back end of Madrange's charcuterie tray-handling line.

    Major Wholesale Bakery    ProTrax solution ensures pain-free pan handling

    Marie    ARB singulation solution helps Marie eliminate jams and product damage, and improve safety, at its spiral freezer outfeed.

    Marie-Viriat    Marie Experiences "Enlightenment" with Intralox AIM Switch

    Marunaka    Marunaka Confectionary Company meets stringent hygiene and maintenance standards with Intralox belting.

    Mountain Top Foods    Intralox DirectDrive™ Stacker exceeds frozen meat producer's expectations for throughput and cost savings.

    Naarmann    Seven years on, ARB Switch still brings benefits to Naarmann

    Namet    Namet Saves Time, Improves Product Quality with Intralox ThermoDrive® Technology

    Nichirei    Nichirei Foods Automates Operations with ARB Technology

    Nordlaks Produkter AS    Intralox’s ThermoDrive salmon processing solution delivers better hygienic results in half the time.

    Oerlemans Foods    Intralox Provides a Comprehensive Blancher Solution and Support for Oerlemans Foods

    Omnibus BB Transportes S.A.    Omnibus BB Transportes Saves Time and Money with the Intralox VehicleVeyor

    Orlando Baking Company    Orlando Baking has experienced zero downtime since utilizing The DirectDrive System from Intralox for its spiral conveyor.

    Paragon Quality Foods    DirectDrive system and optimization services enhance frozen ground beef processing

    PepsiCo    Intralox partners with PepsiCo to increase capacity and reduce labor requirements.

    Procordia Food AB    Procordia Food AB increases filler efficiency by 8% with Intralox ARB™ layout optimization.

    Prominent Candy Manufacturer    ARB Switch Sweetens Production for Candy Manufacturer

    Schulze & Burch    Intralox DirectDrive™ System Delivers Dynamic Savings for Schulze & Burch

    Senpilic    “A New Era in Poultry Processing” for Senpilic with ThermoDrive Technology

    SuKarne Agroindustrial    Intralox Creates Continuous Conveyance System for SuKarne

    TC Brød ApS    Two Drums, One Belt, No Transfers: DirectDrive Protects Delicate Pastries

    THOKS    DirectDrive Stacker Delivers Better Bakery Freezing

    Unilever - Argentina    Intralox Technology Improves Productivity for Unilever

    Washington Fruit Co. & RH Brown    DARB Sorter Ensures Desired Throughput and Product Integrity

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