• Frequently Asked Questions

    Many of your questions are answered here. If you cannot find the answer to your problem or would like to discuss your questions for a specific application or issue in more detail, please contact our Industry experts.

  • Technical

    • Can I use Intralox belts in an abrasive environment?
      Intralox belts can be used in medium to severe abrasive applications, however, special product recommendations and conveyor design guidelines must be followed. Click here to read more about our Abrasion Resistant Technology.
    • What are the temperature ranges of the belt materials?
      Intralox offers various materials suitable for operation in temperatures ranging from - 100 °F / -73 °C to 310 °F / 154 °C. Specific material should be chosen based on your operating temperature.
      For more information on your specific application, contact your customer service  representative.
    • What causes the rods to take a Camshaft form? What can I do to solve that problem?
      Camshafting can be caused by a varierty of factors including abrasion, high speeds or heavy load. Contact our Technical Support Group  to determine the specific cause and to tailor a solution to your problem.
    • What does the belt strength (BS) actually mean?
      The belt strength is the maximum belt tension (per foot or meter of width) the belt can continuously run at.
    • How can I calculate total belt length?
      For a standard catenary conveyor this would be: (2 * shaft center distance + sprocket circumference) + 5% for the catenaries.
    • How can I measure belt pitch?
      The pitch is the distance from the center of one rod to the center of the next. For accuracy reasons, Intralox recommends measuring pitch by taking a measurement over at least 20 rows and dividing by the number of rows.
    • Are Intralox belt materials conforming to FDA regulations and EU Directives?
      Our standard materials (PP, PE, POM, PA66) comply with the FDA regulations and EU Directives. A letter of assurance can be made available on demand.
    • How can I best track my Intralox belts?
      To ensure optimal tracking of Intralox belts, we recommended locking the centermost sprocket on both drive and idle shaft.
    • Can I purchase sprockets from Intralox to use on my drum motor?
      In certain series we have sprockets with a pilotbore, these sprockets can be machined to a bigger bore size such as for a drum motor. Another option is to contact your drum motor supplier.
    • Does Intralox provide CAD files of their products?
      Yes, in our download center  you can find 2D and 3D CAD files for a large number of our products.
      If you cannot find what you are looking for send us your request via email.
    • I do not know what belt I currently have. Can you help me identify my belt?
      Our online belt identifier can help you narrow down the series and style of your current belt. If you need more specific information on your belt, contact your customer service  representative.
  • Contact Us

    • What is your email address?
      Click here to send us an email. Your email will be answered by an industry expert in your native language.
    • What is your phone/fax number?
      Click here to find your toll-free industry phone and fax numbers. Our toll-free industry-specific telephone and fax numbers will put you in touch with dedicated service specialists who can provide quick turnarounds on order processing and tracking, quote requests, technical questions and more.
    • Who is my Intralox contact person for: commercial information, technical support, product information, requesting a quote, or placing an order?
      Our team of over 80 customer service representatives will answer all requests and inquiries in 17 languages during normal business hours. Each one is an industry specialist, so customers are connected to someone who understands their business.
      If necessary, our customer service professionals can put you in immediate contact with additional technical or commercial support.
      Click here to find your toll-free industry number.
    • Do you have local distributors?
      Intralox's direct global infrastructure and go-to-market model allows you to interact directly with Intralox before, during and after the sale. That way, you can be assured that you are getting the right product for your specific needs, in a way that is seamless, and is supported by exceptional service throughout the world.
      To get in touch with our industry experts, click here to find your toll-free industry number.
    • Can someone come and visit me?
      Intralox has positioned account managers and sales engineers across the globe. There is always a resource that can visit your plant, however, in most cases our Customer Service Department can help you quicker.  Our customer service professionals are highly trained, specialized in your industry and can put you in touch with any technical and commercial resources you may need.  One phone call does it all: conveyor belt engineering assistance, written price quotations, order entry, shipping status, emergency assistance and problem resolution.
      Click here to get in touch with our industry experts.
    • I have an emergency. What can I do?
      In certain emergency situations, it may be necessary to repair or replace a belt quickly. Intralox is committed to providing the most reliable expedited shipping services backed by the strongest guarantees available in the industry. Do you have an emergency now? Click here to find your industry number. Outside regular business hours, follow the phone instructions and you will be put into contact with one of our professionals.
      Some restrictions may apply. Please consult Intralox's Policy Statements.
  • Locations

    • Where are you located?
      Intralox has positioned account managers and sales engineers across the globe and situated corporate offices and assembly centers worldwide. By doing this, we’ve established Intralox as your global partner for Modular Plastic Belting solutions.
      Click here for addresses and contact details of our worldwide commercial offices.
  • Shipping and Lead time

    • What is your delivery lead time?
      At Intralox, we stand by our commitments, regardless of your location, the amount of your order, or the size of your business. We strive for consistent service levels across regions and provide the shortest lead times in the industry, anywhere in the world. Intralox will offer the optimal shipping methods available in your region, and we will guarantee on-time shipping regardless of the method you choose for belts made from stock components and stock accessoiries. Click here for details on lead times  in your region.
      Click here for details on written guarantees
    • What is the status of my order?
      Our customer service professionals can answer any questions you have on your order status.  Click here to get in touch with our industry experts.
    • How quickly can I receive a quote?
      You will always receive any requested quote by the end of the next working day at the latest, but often quotes are emailed or faxed to you before you hang up the phone.
      Click here to get in touch with our industry experts.
    • Can you ship the belt that I order to another location (in an other country) and still bill it to my address?
      Of course.  We can ship your order to one location while billing another location, even if both locations are in different countries.  For more details or to place an order, click here to find your toll-free industry number.
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