• ARB Merges:

    ARB Merge Conveyors Ensure Reliable, Accurate Product Positioning

    Employing Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology, an Intralox ARB Merge enables accurate and reliable merging of products. Angled rollers embedded in the belt surface gently merge and position items of all types and sizes from multiple lines into single file. Items may be positioned either in the center of the belt or along a side rail.

    To fluidly merge two or more lines into one without long accumulation lines, controls, or stop-and-go motion, Intralox’s ARB Perpetual Merge combines an ARB Merge with a registration and metering conveyor. In this configuration, packages move continuously at lower conveyor speeds while still meeting throughput requirements. The ARB Perpetual Merge can combine an unlimited number of infeed lanes.

    Benefits of ARB Merges:

    • All the benefits of patented ARB technology
    • Eliminate product damage caused by accumulation
    • Eliminate jams, recirculation, and line slowdowns due to poorly positioned packages
    • Achieve accurate product gapping within a short footprint
    • Allow for higher throughput capacity due to continuous motion
    • Eliminate complex controls and cost of ownership associated with servo merges
    • No changeover required between production runs of different package types
    • Significantly reduce maintenance compared to competing merge conveyors such as servo merges, combiner conveyors, combiner merges, lane merges, sawtooth conveyor merges, plow rail conveyors, and vertical belt merge conveyors

    Ideal solution for...

    • Throughput higher than 40 products per minute
    • Products larger than 4 in. x 4 in. (100 mm x 100 mm) and less than 60 lb. (27.2 kg)
    • Merging products prior to sorting, scanning, labeling, printing, dividing, and turning operations
    • Maintaining precise gapping while aligning and positioning products
    • Handling non-rigid packages such as pouches, polybags, plastic shells, and items wrapped in shrink film—without pads or trays

    ARB technology available:

    ARB™ Merge S400
    ARB™ Merge S7000
    ARB™ Perpetual Merge

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