• Shipping and Expedited Services: Guaranteed and Proven

    At Intralox, support doesn't end with the sale, it begins there! Our flexible shipping options and guarantees are the best in the industry, so you can be sure that you will get your belt when you need it, and prevent any unnecessary costs of delay. In fact, Intralox has achieved an on-time shipping record of 99.9% over the years.

    We also back our shipments with written guarantees whether they are routine orders, stock components and accessories, or emergency orders.

    Standard Shipping lead time
    Your order will be available for shipment in 7 days* of receipt of the order.

    Expedited Shipping for your Emergencies
    Intralox also offers four-hour, same/next day and three-day shipping options, and guarantees* these service belts will be available for shipment on time. Otherwise, the belt, stock accessories and freight are free, and the expediting fee is waived.

    We check with you to confirm that belt delivery, installation, and operation proceed as planned. If any problems occur, we're just one phone call away!

    * Some restrictions apply. Please consult Intralox’s Policy Statements for your location or contact Customer Service.


    Policy Statements
    For more information, download the complete Policy Statement for your region by selecting your country or region below.

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