Straight Evaluation Form Imperial

  • Straight Evaluation Form (Imperial)

    This form helps you to create the optimal design for your conveying needs.

    By submitting the evaluation form, Intralox will do a free analysis of your design. An Intralox Technical Support representative will contact you to discuss your design and recommend the best belt for the intended purpose.

    The fields indicated with an asterisk (*) are required.


    Personal Info
    Name* Title*
    Phone* Country code + Area code + Phone number
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    Company Name*    
    Country or Region*
    City* State/Province


    Belt & Sprocket Information
    Style*: aj
    Width*:  in
    Length(centerline to centerline)*:  ft
    Finger Transfer Plates:
    Flight Height:  in
    Flight Spacing:  in
    Sideguard Height:  in
    Sprocket Pitch Diameter*:  in
    Bore*:  in
    Shaft Material*:
    Journal Diameter*:  in


    Product Information ( Product Being Conveyed)
    if other please specify:
    Product Load*:  
    Product Description*:  
    Product Size: in wide    in long 
    in height
    Product Spacing:  in                           
    Individual Product Weight:  
    Product Temperature:  f
    Method of Loading:


    Application Data
    Belt Speed*:  fpm
    Temperature @ Drive*:  f
    Carryway Construction*:
    if other (please specify):
    Carryway Conditions*:
    Carryway Material*:
    if other (please specify):
    Material of Nosebar:
    if other (please specify):
    if yes (percent of accumulation):  %
    Drive Location*:
    if other (please specify):
    Frequent Starts and Stops*:
    Elevation Change*:

    Method of Cleaning :
    Cleaning Chemicals:
    Concentration: %
    Temperature of Cleaning Media:
    Time Belt Exposed:


    Additional Comments
    Would you like to attach a drawing?
    *Attachment must be ".pdf",".doc",".docx",".jpg" or ".xls" in lowercase and less than 3MB.

    Once complete, please submit your evaluation form by selecting the "Submit" button below.
    A confirmation email will be sent to you summarizing the information that you provided.
    Thank you for your interest in Intralox.


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