• Support at your fingertips

    We're often asked, "Why is service so important in a belt company? After all, the belt is just one component of a whole system." But if that one component fails — or doesn't arrive on time — production stops, which can cost your company thousands of dollars per hour. Only Intralox provides the total support you need to minimize downtime.

    This section of the website provides you easy access to:

    • The answers to some of your basic questions.
    • belt identifier tool to help you determine the style of the belts running on your conveyors.
    • An overview of our flexible shipping options.
    • Evaluation forms to help you create the optimal design for your conveying needs.

    Of course, we invite you to call us directly, for any question you may have. Using our toll free telephone numbers will put you in touch with someone who not only specializes in modular plastic belt technology, but who is dedicated to one industry. This will save you time and trouble, since we have the expertise to recommend belts and diagnose belt problems quickly and reliably, in your language.

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