Why Intralox?


    Our Values in Action

    Ensuring that we remain the best long-term partner for our customers takes consistent delivery in four key areas:


    Each decision made at Intralox (our industry structure, choice of telephone systems, inventory levels, what products we make, even who we hire) is evaluated against the ultimate principle of delivering superior service. We chose a direct global business model and industry structure to give customers immediate contact with someone knowledgeable—not just about our solutions, but about industry trends, metrics, and production flow details. This ensures that we give every customer exactly what they need, when they need it, reliably and consistently. And that’s what we call superior service.


    Technology and continuous innovation are core to our business philosophy. Forty years ago, Intralox introduced a brand new concept: modular plastic conveyor belting. Today, this technology is the standard in food, tire, beverage, container, and other industries worldwide. Over the years we have added other technologies to our portfolio, synergistic with and expanding on that original idea. These include abrasion resistant technologyspiral technologyActivated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology, and most recently, ThermoDrive® technology. Our R&D focus remains on high-value, system-critical products that solve specific (costly) production challenges


    Intralox’s written, money-back guarantees are the most obvious proof of accountability to customers. From our standard belt performance guarantee to a variety of customized savings, payback, and life guarantees, to expedited shipment guarantees, customers know that if we say we’ll do something, we do it.  And if we mess up, we’ll fix it.  Our entire culture is one of accountability. Principles of ownership and self-management are critical to company structure: every person is accountable for their behavior and performance…and our customers benefit.


    Improved business results and increased profits are our goals for our customers. We believe our technology and services must make our end users more profitable in the long term, or we don’t deserve the business. So we focus a great deal on customer results—measuring savings, productivity enhancements, efficiency gains, or the impact on other customer KPIs. And we hold ourselves accountable to delivering tangible, sustainable results.

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